The Slow Cyclist

Hello, and a heartfelt welcome to a corner of the universe dedicated to slow travel. 

I started The Slow Cyclist back in 2015 because I wanted to create something that had the power to change lives and be a force for good. If you've travelled with us in the past you will have seen the impact our trips have on the communities we visit. We're also grateful that the trips have such an impact on our guests too. 

And if you haven't travelled with us yet, well, I hope these emails act as an inspiration for your own experiences and travels. 

And what's in them? Well, one week we will share with you the things that have caught our attention, made us sit up and think... the following week we'll focus on something we're up to, whether it's the launch of a new trip or a story about a project we're closely involved with. That pattern will continue until enough of you let us know we need to change something! 

I hope you enjoy them - will you let us know if you don't?

And thanks for joining us. 

Best wishes

Oli Broom
Founder, The Slow Cyclist
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